Laserliner RangeXtender M50



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Description: This laser receiver facilitates very fast alignment work over close or long ranges and is suitable for all green line lasers with GRX-READY technology. It quickly detects pulsating, high-frequency laser lines up to a maximum distance of 50 metres. The arrow symbol and millimetre display provide users with the exact height difference between the laser beam and the marking level. The measured value can be quickly and easily read from the large LC displays on both sides of the receiver. The display on the rear of the device allows the user to work in the opposite direction to the laser beam’s direction of emission and read the measured values.

  • For all green line lasers with GRX-Ready technology
  • Allows time-saving, close and long range alignment work
  • Millimetre display for quick and accurate reading of height differences with respect to the laser level
  • GRX-Ready: laser lines pulsate at a high frequency
  • Detects laser lines in a range of up to 50 m
  • Two LC displays allow the user to work in the ‘opposite’ direction to the laser, such as when fitting suspended ceilings
  • Head and side magnets allow quick attachment to metallic surfaces
  • Easily fixed to measuring staff with universal holder
  • Two vials for precise alignment