Power Tools Workwear Donegal


Power Tools Workwear Donegal

Apache Industrial Footwear & Workwear has proven to be the most sought after and popular brand in-store generating repetitive sales with our customers and positive feedback.

Apache Industrial Workwear supplies stylish, innovative and technical workwear that looks good as well as keeping you safe. The core product ranges are: safety boots, work tops, and work trousers, with knee pads and belts also available. The high quality workwear is a firm favourite with tradespeople in all lines of work, from heavy industrial and construction through to light work such as carpentry, joinery and plastering.

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Do you offer a variety of workwear options specifically suited for tradesmen?

Yes, we carry a curated selection of workwear designed for the specific needs and demands of various trades. This includes high-quality brands known for durability and functionality, ensuring you stay protected and comfortable throughout your workday.

What types of workwear are most popular among tradesmen?

The specific type of workwear will depend on the trade. However, some popular options for tradesmen include:

High-visibility clothing (Hi-Vis)

Essential for safety and increased visibility on jobsites, especially for electricians, road workers, and construction workers.

Durable work trousers

Made from tough fabrics like canvas or ripstop to withstand wear and tear on the job.

Work boots

Steel-toe or composite-toe boots for protection, with features like slip resistance and water resistance depending on the trade.

Work jackets 

Offering warmth, weather protection, and pockets for tools and essentials.

Safety gloves

Depending on the trade, this could include cut-resistant gloves, heat-resistant gloves, or chemical-resistant gloves.

Patrick can help you choose the right workwear based on your specific trade and working conditions. His advice can save you a fortune.

What are the benefits of buying workwear from PC Tool Sales?


Workwear for Tradesmen

We focus on workwear designed for the specific needs and challenges faced by tradespeople in various industries.

Quality & Durability

We carry reputable brands known for their high-quality materials and construction, ensuring your workwear lasts.

Safety Features

Our workwear selection prioritises safety features like high visibility, protective materials, and proper fit for comfort and mobility.

Wide Range of Options

Find work trousers, jackets, boots, gloves, and more, all in one place.

Expert Advice

Our staff can recommend the most suitable workwear based on your trade and provide guidance on proper sizing and fit.

    Do you offer workwear in different sizes and fits?

    Absolutely yes. We understand that a proper fit is essential for comfort and safety. We carry a wide range of sizes to accommodate various body types, and some clothing options may come in different fits (regular, relaxed, etc.) Patrick can assist you in finding the perfect size and fit for your needs.

    Can I get my workwear personalised with a company logo or name?

    While we don’t offer direct embroidery or printing services in-store, we can recommend local businesses that specialise in workwear personalisation. This allows you to add your company logo or name for a professional touch.

      Do you recommend any specific features to consider when choosing workwear for my trade?

      Yes. Here are some factors to consider based on your trade:


      Hi-Vis clothing is crucial for some trades, especially those working near traffic or in low-light conditions.


      Consider features like knee pads in work trousers for floor work, cut-resistant gloves for construction, or weather-resistant jackets for outdoor jobs.

      Comfort & Mobility

      Choose breathable materials and a proper fit to ensure comfort and allow for unrestricted movement throughout the workday.


      How can I ensure I'm properly caring for my workwear to extend its lifespan?


      • Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for washing and drying.
      • Repair minor tears or rips promptly to prevent further damage.
      • Store workwear in a clean and dry place when not in use.
      • Consider replacing heavily worn workwear before it becomes a safety hazard.

        Can I return a piece of workwear if I accidentally purchase the wrong size?

        We have a return policy in place. Please refer to our return policy page on our website for details on eligibility and procedures for returning unworn and unwashed workwear with tags attached. Or call Patrick on 074 91 67247

        Do you offer any bulk discounts on workwear for tradesmen looking to outfit their crews?

        We understand the needs of businesses. We may offer bulk discounts on workwear purchases for tradesmen looking to outfit their entire crew. Contact us on 074 91 67247 to enquire about current bulk discount options.

          What are the opening hours of your Donegal store for trying on workwear?

          Our store hours are typically Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:30 pm Saturday- 9.30 am-1.00 pm. Visiting the store allows you to try on workwear for proper fit and get personalised recommendations from Patrick.