Laserliner Autocross-Laser 3C Plus


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Description: This professional cross-line laser with PowerBright technology projects three bright, individually selectable laser lines. The two vertical lines are aligned perpendicular to each other. The device uses a simple, precise plumb function, aligns itself automatically, and sends a signal when the unit is outside its self-levelling range. The unit is adjusted using the illuminated vial and height-adjustable feet. The integrated hand-held receiver mode allows the laser lines to be detected by the optional laser receiver up to 40 m away – ideal for all indoor and outdoor applications. The vernier adjustment mechanism in the housing provides precise laser line positioning. A pendulum lock provides excellent protection during transportation.

  • Three clearly visible laser lines, ideal for aligning tiles, wall studding, windows, doors
  • The two vertical laser lines are aligned perpendicular to each another
  • Time-saving automatic alignment
  • Plumb function for synchronous working on floor and ceiling
  • Device issues warning when leaving the levelling range
  • Integrated handheld receiver mode for outdoor applications and long ranges
  • Pendulum restraint for safe transport
  • Magnetic clamp and wall bracket provides versatile attachment without damaging surfaces

Scope of delivery: 

  • AutoCross-Laser 3C Plus
  • tripod adapter
  • laser enhancement glasses
  • rubber caps
  • batteries
  • carrying case