Festool Energy set SYS3 ENG 18V 2×5,2/TCL6 Order number 577138



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Festool Energy Set: 2x 5.2Ah Bluetooth Batteries, Charger & Systainer

This Festool energy set contains two 18V 5.2Ah Bluetooth batteries and a TCL 6 rapid charger all packaged in a SYS3 M 187 Systainer. The batteries are compatible with all Festool 18V Li-ion tools.

Festool's Bluetooth batteries communicate with the Bluetooth module on your Festool dust extractor so that when you switch your cordless tool on/off, your extractor will automatically start/stop as well.

Technical Spec.

  • Battery type: Li-ion Bluetooth
  • Battery voltage: 18V
  • Battery capacity: 5.2Ah
  • Battery weight: 700 g
  • Charger voltage: 240v
  • Charger battery voltage: 10.8V-18V
  • Charging current: 6 A
  • Charger weight: 800 g
  • Part number: 577138