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Perfectly protected.

The guide rail bag ensures that guide rails are perfectly protected, transported and stored. The bags have a large main compartment, in which one or two guide rails up to a length of 3000 mm can be housed. In addition, there is another bag, in which there is space for accessories, such as connectors, fastening clamps or the FS-WA/90° angle stop.

  • The bags offer protection against dirt and damage, and thus increase the service life of the guide rail.
  • Available in three sizes: FS 1400-BAG for FS 1400, FS 1900-BAG for FS 1900 and FS 3000-BAG for FS 3000
  • A shoulder strap enables worry-free and convenient carrying.
  • Made from especially robust fabric.
  • Interior: Double padded with strap and protective corners (FS 1900-BAG, FS 3000-BAG)
  • carrying bag with shoulder straps for easy transport of guide rails
  • up to length of FS 3000/2