MAKITA B-09036 305mm x 30mm x 60T Mitre Saw Blade


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Features of this Makita saw blade:

  • Comprehensive selection of saw blades for all makes and models for Mitre Saws and slide compound Mitre Saws, including cordeless saws.
  • Fully hardened and tensioned blades absorb impact and remain flat and true.
  • High grade tungsten carbide with low wear rate for extended blade life.
  • Precision honed tips for a sharper longer lasting edge.
  • Thin kerf for less waste and reduced motor pressure, each toth is perfectly honed to a mirror-like finish. Results in reduced micro-chipping and ensures a sharper, keener edge.
  • Bore (B)- 30mm
  • Diameter (D)- 305mm
  • Kerf (K)- 2.3mm
  • Rake- 5 degrees
  • Thickness- 2.3mm
  • Pack Quality-1
  • Tooth Count-60
  • Material Type- Wood
  • Machine Type- Mitre Saw
  • Blade ID- MSM305400