Laserliner DistanceMaster Vision



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DistanceMaster Vision - 080.980A

  • Point-precise measuring with laser to determine lengths exactly
  • Camera function with 8x digital zoom
  • Min/Max function to determine diagonals, verticals and horizontals
  • The area and volume functions permit the acquisition of room sizes, for example to calculate material quantities
  • Pythagoras measurement function and angle function
  • 360° inclination sensor for determining the horizontal and vertical distance
  • Simple assessment of room perimeter with the addition and subtraction functions
  • The wall surface function automatically adds up surfaces by measuring the lengths of walls as well as their height once.
  • Stake out function for marking off defined lengths
  • Digital bubble level to align the measuring device
  • High measuring accuracy up to 80 m: ± 2 mm*
  • 4 selectable measurement reference points: front, tripod, rear and pin
  • 1/4″ tripod connection
  • Interface to charge the NiMH batteries
  • Illuminated colour LCD
  • Internal measured value memory

Product code: 080.980A