Guide rail adapter FS-OF 1400



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Precise guiding.

With the guide rail adapter, the router can be safely guided on the guide rail so that it's precisely straight. Combination with the guide rail is suitable primarily for milling of grooves, dovetail batons, decorative grooves or recesses in the surface.

  • The distance from the guide rail can be set precisely to a tenth of a millimetre with the fine adjustment wheel
  • Perfect guidance on the guide rail through fine adjustment of the guide play
  • Additional handle on the adapter to enable safe handling
  • Is installed using the rods from the items included with the router
  • The support prevents tilting of the router of the guide rail
  • with fine adjustment and support for router without guide rods
  • without rods


Main applications

  • Grooving rear panels, recessing dovetail batons or routing plasterboard with the guide system (edging technology)