Festool Sanding pad SSH-GE-STF-RO90 DX suitable for abrasive V93 for RO 90 DX



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Simple sanding.

The V 93 delta sanding pad is suitable for the ROTEX 90. It allows sanding work in corner areas of windows, doors or furniture to be done optimally. Furthermore, there is the possibility of choosing between the soft and hard StickFix sanding pad, depending on the work to be performed.

  • The burr layer enables quick and easy replacement of abrasive
  • Can select between soft and hard StickFix sanding pads
  • delta sanding pad
  • plate without interchangeable sanding pad
  • for attaching StickFix sanding pad, soft and hard


Main applications

  • Coarse, intermediate and fine sanding
  • Sanding corners and window reveals
  • Painting/varnishing work
  • Furniture manufacture