Festool Interface pad IP-STF D150/MJ2-5/2 for eccentric sander with diameter of 150 mm



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For optimal insulation.

The interface pad has a diameter of 145 mm and a height of 5 mm. It is ideally suited for sanding work on bodies and furniture but also for sanding surfacers when finish-sanding. The pad functions as cushioning between the abrasive wheel and sanding pad, which minimises the risk of oversanding at the edges.

  • Fastener for effortless fastening to the sanding pad
  • optimal thickness for sanding work on bodies and similarly shaped components
  • as damping element between sanding disc and sanding pad


Main applications

  • For sanding curves and beading
  • Reduces the risk of sanding through at edges
  • Automotive
  • Painting/varnishing work
  • Furniture manufacture