Festool Abrasive sheet Granat STF D125/8 P220 GR/100



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The universal abrasive with special advantages.

The GRANAT abrasive wheels are perfectly suited to VOC varnishes and hard substrates in particular. Thanks to the special coating, clogging is avoided and a long service life thus ensured. Other substrates can likewise be processed with the GRANAT abrasive without problems.

  • Universal abrasive
  • Specially for VOC varnishes and hard substrates
  • With StickFix
  • for repair compound, filler, varnish (especially VOC varnishes and hard base layers)

Main applications

  • Processing modern paint systems
  • Recommended for VOC clear coats
  • Processing hard sublayers
  • Processing plastics, mineral materials, acrylic, repair compounds, fillers
  • Painter and varnisher
  • Drywalling
  • Joiners