DCGG571m1-GB Grease Gun


DeWalt.DCGG571M1-GB 18V XR Cordless li-ion Grease Gun, 1x 4Ah Batttery & Kitbox

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Performs routine lubrication up to twice as fast as a manual grease gun. It delivers high pressure to clear clogged fittings and has a purge valve allowing the user to bleed excess air that can become trapped in pump valves.

Features and Benefits:
■ 1mtr hose for hard-to-reach fittings, and an
■ LED light to illuminate fittings that are difficult to locate.
■ The innovative pump filter screen on the unit helps to keep dirt from passing through the pump mechanism.
■ It can be bulk-filled (suction or pump) or used with standard 400g grease cartridges. Grease type: up to NLGI #2