DAS180Z is a cordless dust blower



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Makita DAS180 LXT Dust Blower with a variety of tip nozzles, ideal for a wide range of applications from professional use to home use. Fitted with a brushless, maintenance-free and long-life motor. 4 stage air volume and variable speed control allow you to select the correct speed, whatever your need.

An ergonomic handle provides increased comfort. A battery capacity warning function automatically notifies the user about reduction in battery capacity with the decrease of illuminance. The battery protection system automatically shuts off power when the battery level is low.

Supplied with: 1 x Narrow Nozzle, 1 x Nozzle for cleaning filter, 1 x Blower Nozzle, 1 x Nozzle for inflating and 1 x Wide Nozzle.


Max. Air Velocity: 0 - 200 m/s.
Blowing Force: 0 - 1.1 / 1.7 / 2.3 / 2.8N
Air Volume: 0 - 1.1 m³/min.
Max. Sealed Suction: 103 mbar
Max. Pressure: 0.297 bar