Three powerhouses for timber construction: Cordless circular saw, cordless percussion drill and cordless angle grinder.

This comprehensive cordless tool set with the practical ToolBox offers indispensable equipment for your timber construction projects, including powerful and durable brushless EC-TEC motors in every tool. To cut square timber or boards to size, for example, the set includes the powerful 18V HKC 55 cordless circular saw, which allows you to quickly and safely make reproducible precision cuts with the guide rail connected. The TPC 18/4 cordless percussion drill is ideally suited to the installation of wooden structures, as well as to drilling in masonry. Its FastFix system ensures that you can switch between the wide variety of attachments at any time. The AGC 18 cordless angle grinder is included for cutting harder materials. It is dust-resistant and durable thanks to the encapsulated, brushless EC-TEC motor and protected electronics. The continuously adjustable speed of 4500 to 8500 rpm ensures that cutting and grinding is tailored to the material. You can conveniently transport the cordless tools and the free ToolBox, which is among the items included, from the workshop to the next place of installation – safely stowed in the practical Systainer³. The special advantage: The unique full repair (free of charge in the first three years) is offered for cordless tools and even battery packs and chargers (see for more information).
Timber construction cordless set
  • Handy: TB M 137 ToolBox comes free of charge with items included – a stackable tool box suitable for all Systainer formats.
  • Maximum performance: Thanks to the powerful, brushless EC-TEC motor, all tools in the cordless combo set are impressively strong.
  • Flexible cordless system: The powerful 5.0 Ah battery pack is a real all-rounder for applications with high endurance and power development.
  • HKC 55: Safe and easy handling thanks to the cutting depth adjustment with plunge function, pendulum hood remote control and guide wedge.
  • HKC 55: Angle adjustment with central clamping mechanism from 0 to 50°.
  • HKC 55: In conjunction with the cross-cutting guide rail (available as an accessory): Fast, accurate and mobile cross-cuts.
  • TPC 18/4: Powerful screwdriving and drilling with larger diameters, rapid for clean work progress when working with small diameters.
  • TPC 18/4: Robust four-speed metal gearbox, also fully covered by the comprehensive support provided by Festool Service.
  • TPC 18/4: Quick conversion to drilling, screwdriving, angular drilling and angular screwdriving without the need for tools thanks to the FastFix interface.
  • AGC 18: Infinitely variable speed of 4500 – 8500 rpm.
  • AGC 18: Its design means that the AGC 18 fits well in the user’s hand, runs smoothly and generates few vibrations. This gives it the ideal ergonomics for cutting work.
  • AGC 18: Thanks to the enclosed motor and cast electronics, the AGC 18 is protected against dust and therefore robust and durable.
  • Mobile: Stowed in a Systainer³, cordless tools can also be seamlessly integrated into bott vehicle equipment for easy transportation from the workshop to the place of installation.
  • Robust: Long-lasting quality components, also fully covered thanks to the comprehensive support provided by Festool Service.

Product highlights

Impressive power – absolute robustness.

Thanks to their durable, brushless EC-TEC motors, the three machines from this cordless tool set are suitable for any kind of timber construction, and are also incomparably durable. When combined with the cross-cutting guide rail, the HKC 55 cordless circular saw can make cross-cuts and mitre cuts just as precisely as plunge cuts. The TPC 18/4 impresses with its four gears, which allow for powerful screwdriving and drilling work with large diameters as well as quick work progress with smaller diameters in wood and other materials. The electronic KickbackStop minimises the risk of a twisted wrist here if the drill suddenly jams. The AGC 18 was developed for optimised ergonomics while cutting. The motor and housing are disconnected for smooth operation, while the encapsulated motor and sealed electronics are resistant to dust.

Flexibility and varied applications.

The 18V batteries are compatible with all tools, offering maximum flexibility. What’s more, the 18V cordless tool are equipped with top features: With its plunge cut function, remote pendulum guard operation and option to connect cross-cutting guide rails and other guide rails, the HKC 55 cordless circular saw is perfect for creating reproducible cuts in any work situation. The TPC 18/4 cordless percussion drill offers great flexibility thanks to an axial impact feature that can be switched on as needed and the FastFix interface for a wide variety of attachments. The AGC 18 cordless angle grinder boasts infinitely adjustable speed of up to 8500 rpm for cutting and grinding tailored to the material.

Systematic reliability. For stress free work.

With the free ToolBox, you get a practical toolbox in the Systainer format. Just like the Systainer³ of the cordless combo set, it can be connected to all Systainer generations. This allows you to transport your tool safely and conveniently from the workshop to the next point of use. And with Warranty all-inclusive, your cordless tools, battery packs and chargers are fully covered. Full repair is completely free of charge in the first three years (see for more information).


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